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City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2) – Cassandra Clare

Today was too hot to do anything else than sit as still as possible and read. This means I had a chance to finish Cassandra Clare’s second book in her The Mortal Instruments series, City of Ashes.

Clary’s mother is still in some sort of coma and Clarry is still getting to terms with finding out Jace is her brother. Valentine shows up again and steals the second of the Mortal Instruments, the sword kept by the Silent Brothers used to see if Shadowhunter is lying or not. He wants to turn this sword into a tool he can use for his plans by converting it from good to evil. To do so he needs the blood of a young warlock, a young vampire, a young werewolf and a young pixie. Jace gets blamed by the Inquisitor of the Clave of being Valentine’s spy and helping him. She doesn’t believe him when he tells her what Valentine is planning which means that Clary, Jace and the others are the ones that have to try to stop Valentine.

I did enjoy this book, not as much as the first but enough to keep reading this series. I still like Clare’s abillity to keep up the action, although more quiet moments would also be nice. Her habit of only hinting at things that will happen in the future is at times annoying but it also makes you want to keep reading.

Clary is a little less the stereotypical YA fantasy teenage heroin than in the first book and more real with her struggles about how she feels about Jace and Simon and a bit more considerate to others. Still, she is, at times, a typical teenager and you just want to give her a good kick up the backside but that’s just how teenagers can be.

My biggest gripe is the sort of cliffhanger at the end of the book, where it is unknown if Clary’s mom is going to wake up or not. I don’t like books ending this way because it makes them feel unfinished, rather one long book chopped into shorter books than books that can stand on it’s own. It also makes the author seem a bit desperate for her readers to come back to the next installment.  This series doesn’t need a teaser to keep you reading. Once I can forgive, but let it happen twice in two books and I get annoyed.


For the fist time since healing my tragus piercing it’s acting up. The last couple of days it became swolen and painfull, luckily there isn’t any discharge. If finally taken out my labret, it became painful because it’s doesn’t give my tragus any room to swell. I’ve put in a ball closure ring without the ball for now and it feel better immediately.

I think it happened because the insert of the labret piercing is rather small (2mm) and the edges are not rounded. It might have pressed in my skin for a long time, probably when I slept on my side, and it got irritated. It now feels bruised. I’ve just ordered some longer labrets (8mm instead of 6mm), a bigger insert and a ball insert. It should arrive tomorrow and hopefully the swelling will be down a bit so I can get the longer labret with the ball insert in. In the mean time I’ll disinfect it three times a day and tonight I’ll make a hot water with seasalt and tea tree oil soak.


Today I got my order of a bioplast labret piercing and two insert. The only problem is that during shipping the labret has broken. It’s basically a hollow rod on a little round disc and they have come apart. I emailed the company where I ordered it. Haven’t heard from them yet. They ship their orders before 1600 and I was secretly hoping they would send a new so I would get it tomorrow. I also offered to send everything back (it’s all in a sealed bag) as proof. I’m annoyed because I was expecting that I could put my new piercing in today, the labret piercing looks very cute, I’m certainly ordering more inserts.