Review: Cemetery Dance

Cemetery DanceCemetery Dance by Douglas Preston

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After four books in the Pendergast series to focus mainly on main character Special Agent Pendergast it’s nice go back to basics so to speak. Unlike the previous books in the series Cemetery Dance is very similar to Relic and Reliquary.

Something strange is wandering through New York, maybe it’s paranormal maybe it’s something else. Pendergast takes on the case with Vinnie D’Agosta. A lot of other, familiar characters are back too although some only for a very short time.

Although the set-up of the story is very similar to the first three books it’s a refreshing read after the Diogenes trilogy and Wheel of Darkness. Interestingly, no reference is made to what happened at the end of Wheel of Darkness, which was supposed to have changed Pendergast forever. This change isn’t noticable in Cemetery Dance.

This isn’t, however, a book for people who haven’t read any of the other Pendergast books. The characters aren’t really introduced and I can imagine it would be very confusing for new readers.

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