Waiting for a package

One and a half week ago, at the Birmingham Airport the Dixons had a Kindle 3 on display. To kill time I took a look and played around with it. I always thought a Kindle wouldn’t work for me since it doesn’t have a touch screen but I was proven wrong.

Back home I looked into the latest generation of Kindle and concluded that I wanted one. The only problem was how to get one, in the Netherlands they aren’t sold in brick and mortar stores and we haven’t got a credit card at the moment. Luckily, I found a prepaid credit card (3V by Visa), I bought two of them (maximum is €150 per card), bought myself some Amazon gift cards (Kindle + accessories costs more than €150) and last Friday I ordered my Kindle.

The first estimated time of delivery by Amazon was 25-27 May, with which I was very happy. This soon got changed to the 24th, I was even happier. Although according to the Amazon website the delivery will be tomorrow the UPS website tells me it is already on its way and will be delivered this morning!

It’s good that I checked the UPS website because on Mondays our store is closed and a lot of mailmen don’t seem to understand you can live over a shop, even though there’s a name plate underneath the buzzer. If the ring the doorbell at all, they are gone before you get downstairs and just leave a note saying they’ll return another day. I’ve printed out a sign to put on the door telling them someone is home (the last time I did this it wasn’t appreciated by the mailman).

Can’t wait to get my Kindle! Worst thing is that it has to charge for at least a couple of hours, but I still have a book to finish on my Sony (I’m so glad I picked a short book yesterday!) to kill time.

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