Unregistering eReader in Adobe Digital Editions

I’ve had my Kindle 3 now for over a week and I promised my sister that she would get my old Sony PRS600 eReader. The only problem was that it was registered to my account with Adobe Digital Editions. You need to do this to be able to read DRM protected ebooks. For my sister to be able to register the eReader I have to (I assume) unregister it from my account. The only problem was that I couldn’t find how you can do that. Not on the Adobe website or via Google.

I ran into another problem: you cannot email Adobe. I you have a question you have to ask it via a chat, and nobody was available each time I checked in the last week and a half. Until this morning, someone from Adobe was finally available.

In the end it’s really simple to unregister an eReader yourself, I don’t know why they don’t put it on their website. You plug your eReader into your computer, start up the Adobe Digital Editions software, wait until it sees the reader, press CTRL + SHIFT + E, then you can select the reader and unregister it.

3 thoughts on “Unregistering eReader in Adobe Digital Editions

  1. You are an angel, thank you. I went round and round in circles with the Adobe chat folks and they didn’t know how to do this. Thank goodness I found you by Google – this worked perfectly. Thank you!

    1. How strange that the Adobe person you chatted to didn’t know how to do it! IMHO they should just put it on their website, they do describe how to unregister a PC why not other devices. More annoyingly I found that there is no way to email them. Not living in the US (I was redirected from the Dutch website) I had to keep checking when the chat was open, Adobe can do a lot more to be more customer friendly in their support services. Glad to be of help!

      Just saw you’re a follow MR’er. I’m Rumpelteazer over there.

  2. CTRL- SHIFT-E does work to let you unauthorize.
    But I accidentally discovered that double clicking the gear icon above the reader (Kobo touch 2) also gives the option. Unfortunately this deauthorizing and reauthorizing my reader did not work.

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