Reading challenge 2014 update

Almost a third of the year is gone already so it’s time to look at how my reading has been going.

Compared to last year I’m behind, both on page count and on the number of books. However, the books I’ve read are, on average, over 100 pages longer than by this time last year.

During the last couple of weeks I’ve been having a bit of a reading slump. It took me almost two weeks to read Phil Rickman’s December (which I loved). This is due to me (re)discovering other hobbies. I’ve been playing more computer games and I’ve discovered scrapbooking. The scrapbooking itself isn’t very time consuming, yet. I’ve only made one layout (I need more supplies for my next one). The time consuming bit is looking at what’s available to scrapbook, all the tools, embellishments and supplies and watching YouTube videos of how to use it all and other various techniques.

This year I’ve been quite good at picking books. I’ve yet to abandon a book and there have only been two books I finished because I wanted to know how it ended despite not really liking them.

I have been focussing on series a lot so far, only 9 out of 31 books were stand alone and I only managed that many because last month I decided to take a break from reading series by making myself read 4 non-series books (I’m currently reading the 4th). I think will do this more often. I’ve got a lot of stand alone books on my to-be-read list that have been there for a long long time and I never read them because I’ve been focused on series these last couple of years.

It’s hard to pick out the best book I’ve read this year, since there are a lot that I really liked. I’m really enjoying the Ruth Galloway series by Ellie Griffith and also Kate Morton’s books (all stand alones).

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