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Recently I discovered scrapbooking; a fun and creative way to work with your photographs. However, what to do with those photographs that aren’t good enough for a 12×12 inch project? Also, I don’t take pictures that often, mostly on days out, vacation, etc. I would love to remember to take pictures of everyday things. That’s where Project Life comes in.

Project Life is a great way, in my opinion, to document everyday life. I also hope it’s a great way to get into the habit of carrying my camera with me and take pictures of that cute ice cream car or the sign at the polling station during elections.

Yesterday I ordered the basics to start with Project Life; an album, a package of pocket pages (type A), cards, date stamp and some embellishments. I use the Becky Higgins Project Life system (other brands have similar systems). With Becky Higgins you use a core kit of cards that go together very well (the Heritage kit has a vintage design, the Rain kit is muted blues, greens and purples). A kit contains 500 3×4 cards, 40 bi-fold 4×6 journalling cards, 16 first and last page cards and 60 4×6 title cards. With that you should be able to make a whole year. Although I really love most sets that’s also where the problem lies: I love most of them and I think it’s boring to use just one core kit. Depending on the colour your photos, the time of year and/or your mood it’s fun to be able to vary. Luckily, my local scrapbook store divides the core kit into 5 sets. I bought 1/5 sets of the Rain, Jade, Honey and Heritage kits and I have other 1/5 sets on my wishlist (hopefully they’ll get the cherry set soon, because I love that one).

I started with the title page, with some first and last page cards from the rain and heritage kit (as long as it looks nice I’m not bothered what cards I use). I made a two page spread for the year until May 18, most pictures of my vacation in March, some of Lexie and the ticket to Bill Bailey’s show in Amsterdam. Last week I started taking pictures of everyday life for Project Life. I took some around the inner city during a really sunny day, one of the sign at the polling station and one of Lexie who fell asleep next to me on the bed on Sunday morning. I added only one 3×4 journalling card. While it seems “normal” to make a two page spread per week I decided to start out with one page a week. Hopefully when I get into the habit of making photographs I can start making two pages a week.

My biggest problem now is printing the photographs. I don’t have a photo printer so I usually upload them to be printed by the Hema (good price and they’re close by for an easy pick up). However, it takes a couple of days. Because I don’t take tons of pictures the initial cost of having photos printed (€1,50) is more than to have a couple of pictures printed. I can, of course, have the pictures printed every couple of weeks. But, first of all, I don’t want to fall behind and if I order pictures every couple of weeks it’s easy to keep delaying until I end up so far behind it’s hard to catch up. Also, I like PL too much to want to limit myself to working on it every couple of weeks. So my next big purchase will be a Selphy photo printer. It’s more expensive than having them printed, but it’s a lot easier for PL, I can easily plan one day a week for PL (e.g. every Monday), print the pictures and get going. For the bigger picture and the pictures I want to use in scrapbooking I’ll probably still order them online.

I had planned to start with PL tomorrow, Ascension Day (a public holiday in the Netherlands), but I started this morning, before work and it was hard to stop when I had to go to work and then I just had to continue this afternoon. I’m now all done and I can’t wait until next week. I’ll order the photographs on Sunday, then I can pick them up on Tuesday and have fun again.


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  1. A Reader who does Project Life. I created a card for each book completed. Using a library card as a base (you can get ready made PL cards with library card format, or print your own from a digital freebie), I pasted a copy of the book cover onto the card & then wrote the beginning & end dates, thoughts, source, etc. Makes a nice addition to a PL page and it’s another way to remember what you were reading when.

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