No Voyage

Ever since the announcement of the new Kindle Voyage ereader I’ve been looking forward to it. I love the idea of a front lit ereader with both a touch screen but also page turn buttons. And it looking like Amazon was going to give us all that, be it at a premium price.

But just over a week after it’s release in the US (UK release will be on the 4th) I have decided I will go with the updated version of the Paperwhite 2.

User reviews report a two-toned screen, blueish on the bottom and yellow on the top of the screen. This ranges from “I really had to look carefully to see it” to “it looked like my cat peed on it”. This is very reminiscent of the release of the Paperwhite 1, which had problems with “colour blobs” and a lot of  pin holes in the screen. The latter doesn’t seem to be a big problem with the Voyage, though there are some reports that it happens occasionally. I’ve also read about problems with the Voyage freezing, hopefully this can be solved with a software update. What can’t be solved by new firmware are reports of the touch screen issues, where the screen doesn’t register touch properly and reports that the page turn sensors are places too low, even for people with smaller hands, to use comfortably when holding the Kindle Voyage in one had.

Because of these problems I’ve decided to buy the updated version of the Paperwhite 2. Amazon recently increased the disc space from 2gb to 4gb (which is not really that important to me since I usually keep less than 100 books on it) and people noticed that the screen is more even in colour and light than when the PW2 was first released.

Another reason to choose for the PW2 is because I want as little chance of getting a defective unit as possible. Living in the Netherlands I am currently still forced to buy Kindles from the US website. Returning a defective Kindle is a hassle, even if Amazon pays back the shipping costs.

I’m planning on ordering a PW2 plus case in a couple of weeks’ time.

2 thoughts on “No Voyage

  1. Just a heads up, i had to go through 5 pw2 to find a decent one. The rest of them had a very yellow color to the screen.

    1. When did you buy yours?
      From what I understand from the eReading forums I frequent the PW2 had some problems when it was first released but now they seem to have everything under control. At the moment I’m not sure whether to get a Voyage or a PW2, after reading some more positive posts. It would be a lot easier to decide if I could order from the UK or Germany, returning a defective Kindle is easier and quicker.

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