New Kindle

After going backwards and forwards between getting a Kindle Voyage or a Kindle Paperwhite 2 since the announcement of the Voyage in September I’ve decided to get the Paperwhite 2 (PW2). Mostly because of the problems with the Voyage (screen problems and freezing). Hopefully next year’s Voyage will be better and if it is I might consider upgrading.

Last week was finally opened, and it turned out to be a disappointment. They only sell ebooks, you can order a Kindle but are sent to the or website to do so. Also you can’t put things you want on your wishlist. For now I’m staying with!

However, you can now also directly order a Kindle from Germany or the UK and the PW2 was on offer for €99, a €30 discount. I ordered it on Tuesday and with a bit of luck it should arrive tomorrow, on Friday.

I’m keeping all my finger crossed (in my mind, otherwise it would be hard to do anything) that I get one with a good screen. After last year’s problems with getting an acceptable Kobo Aura HD, I had to exchange it 3 times to get one without pinholes in the screen, I think I deserve a great PW2 :).

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