Reading challenge 2015 – progress

It’s November already. This means that the reading challenge for 2015 is starting to wrap up and the challenge for 2016 is on the horizon.

This year has been good. Not as good as 2013 and 2014, but still not bad considering I’ve been spending more time on other hobbies. My main challenge of reading four book of 700 pages or longer has been completed. Interestingly, in previous years I’ve read a lot more longer books than this year. Which means that I’ve picked the right challenge.

At the moment I’m, according to Goodreads 11 books ahead of schedule (for 100 books), I’m currently reading my 97th book of the year. And the average length is 368, which is lower than last year but about the same as in 2013 and more than in 2012.

What I haven’t managed to do is keep the number of active series down. I’ve read quite a lot of first books in series this year and decided not to continue with most of them but lately I’ve been starting series I like. There are several series that only have three or less books in them before I’m up to date with the series, so I’ll be focussing on those for the remainder of the year.

In previous years I always had one genre I seemed to prefer. This year that isn’t really the case, though lately I’ve been reading a lot of ghost stories and horror books. The trend this year seems to be reading books by new to me authors, of the 97 books I’ve read 42 new authors.

I’ve already decided on a challenge for 2016; each month pick a theme and read at least four books related to that theme. I’ve already set up a page for it with more details. I also want to do both more updates on my progress and start writing reviews again on this blog, something that didn’t happen this year.

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