Reading Challenge 2015

With just a couple of hours left until 2016 begins it’s time to see how I did on this year’s reading challenge.

I’ve managed to finish 113 books this year, totalling 40447 pages. Less than in 2013 and 2014, but certainly not bad. Because of this I added the extra challenge for next year to try to read 40000 pages again.

I did manage to read 4 book of over 700 pages. Until previous years, though, I had to consciously pick them since this year I seem to have enjoyed shorter books. I abandoned 3 books this year, which was a shame, but they couldn’t keep my interest.

Another trend in 2015 was that I tried out quite a few new series, 19 to be exact. Some I abandoned after one or two books, other I have finished and one I still need to read one book for to be up to date. I didn’t do as well with the longer active series, which will be a point of focus for the beginning of 2016. Plus I also need to pay some attention to books released in 2015 of series I was up to date with.

Unlike last year I didn’t have two week long lazy vacations during which I managed to read a lot. However, in just over a week I will go away for a week and I’m planning to read a lot and have a good start for my 2016 reading challenge.

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