Reading Challenge – January

The first month of the year has passed and I made great progress with my reading challenge. Mostly thanks to a vacation of a week, it was too cold to go out much, plus I had the flu, so I didn’t have the energy to do much than potter about in my apartment.

With just 20 minutes to spare I manage to finish 12 books, with a total of 3933 pages. Which is over 400 pages over average for January. I manage to finish 3 series, which is great. I only read 2 stand alone book, but I need to take care I don’t burn out on series. I started three new series; one I’m not going to continue with, another one is a graphic novel series, but the second book hasn’t been released yet and the third was the first book in the PC Peter Grant series, Rivers of London, which was my favourite book of January and it’s been added to my ongoing series list.

In February I usually read a lot less, but looking into more detail I see that is because I often start a really long book during the second half of the month, which I don’t finish until March (where my average page count is quite high). I do have one 1200+ page book on my soon to be read list, I’m now curious to see if I’m in the mood to start that in February. Otherwise I hope to finish another two series (Cormoran Strike and Sigma Force) this month, but I’ll see what I’m in the mood for to read.

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