Here We Go Again

After a good start, having finished two books in the first seven days of 2020, my third book isn’t going well. Despite me having had more time this to read. It isn’t the book, which is interesting. Probably just my reading slump rearing it’s head, telling me it just had a bit of a post-Christmas break.

Today, after I’ve done my laundry and packed most of my things for my vacation I can get some reading done. I’m aiming for 40% into the book. Which is The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring.

Tomorrow I don’t think I’ll have much reading time. In the morning packing the last couple things, going to the supermarket to get a couple of things I’m not sure the on-park supermarket sells and then the trip to the vacation park. My father is dropping me off. So after we’ve had a bite to eat I’ll unpack and then probably watch some TV and finally have some time to read. The weather prediction isn’t great for next week. If it’s reasonably dry I might go to the nearby town of Apeldoorn on Wednesday or Thursday. But otherwise I plan to stay in and relax.

On another note. I watched the first episode of the new TV series Lincoln Rhyme and the Hunt for the Bone Collector, based on the Lincoln Rhyme book series by Jeffery Deaver. It was quite good, despite some characters having been replaced by characters that probably appeal more to a TV audience (Mel!). My biggest gripe was that Amelia didn’t walk/wasn’t taught to “walk the grid” when collecting evidence. She just barged in the crime scene and immediately found the evidence. Walking the grid is very important in the books, and integral part of how evidence is collected. Other than that I enjoyed it.

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