Comfort Zone

It’s the first time in quite a while I stepped out of my reading comfort zone. I usually read horror, mystery, crime, ghost stories or thrillers, sometimes mixed with some (urban) fantasy, history, or a teeny tiny bit of romance.

I do not read romance books. I just don’t enjoy those. But I just started Lucinda Riley’s The Seven Sisters series, the first book being The Seven Sisters. This tells the story of Maia. She and her five (six?) sisters were adopted by Pa Salt and grew up in a mansion situated on an island in a lake in Switzerland. None of the girls seem ever to have been interested enough to found out about their birth family. That is until Pa Salt suddenly dies and he leaves each of them with an envelop with a clue about their heritage. Each book is about one of the sisters following the clue to their birth family.

The historical part is that besides telling the story of one of the sisters it also tells the story of one of their ancestors. I haven’t gotten that far in the book, I’m only twelve percent in and all the sisters have been just introduced and have gotten their envelop. I expect from now on the story will focus on Maia and her ancestor.

Reading the reviews on GoodReads it seems you either love or hate the book, so I’ll have to see what I think of it. I just hope the romantic parts aren’t too predictable/sappy/over the top.

It’s the first book of several longer books I plan to read in the near future. I’ve been delaying reading them and it’s time to get them read. There were years when I read a bunch of 800+ page books a year and considered 700+ pages a long book. At the moment I think a long book is 450 pages or longer. Probably all due to my reading slump, which I can get rid of as soon as possible.

Do I want to read more books out of my comfort zone this year? I’m not sure, it sounds nice but reality can be different.

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