Silver Lining

I had an okay reading week. I did procrastinate on finishing The Dark Man by Desmond Doane. I probably could have finished it on Tuesday. But I didn’t know what to read next, only that I wanted to tackle one of the longer books on my Kobo. Eventually I decided on Lucinda Riley’s The Seven Sisters. The latest book in the series was recently released, with a lot of publicity, even in the Netherlands, and I wanted to see what the fuss is about.

I’m already almost a third into the book. And I’m enjoying it, though I’m not sure if I enjoy it enough to put it on my Active Series list. To be honest I got this far because what I thought was a cold, but realized is probably the worst hay fever I’ve ever experienced, has returned. It causes me to cough a lot. Especially at night, making sleeping very difficult. So far non of the hay fever pills that used to work has worked this time. No cough syrup or lozenge works either. I did find that my coughing fits quiet down quickest when I’m reading. So I’ve spend a lot of hours at night reading, hoping the coughing will stop and I can get a bit of sleep. Tomorrow I’m making an appointment with my doctor, to hopefully confirm what is the problem and get something for it.

In other reading related news I had the fun plan to have movie week. Each night I wanted to watch a movie based on a book I’ve read but haven’t seen before. I went through several “Best movies based on books” lists. And the only book I’ve read but haven’t seen the movie yet is The Joy Luck Club. There are several Stephen King films I haven’t seen before, but I know I need to be in the mood to enjoy those. So now I have to think of something else. I can watch the Studio Ghibli movies that Netflix released last week. Or maybe watch those classic movies I have had on my to watch list for an eternity. With the Oscars being tonight I might also watch Best Film winners I haven’t seen before.

My plans for today are to spend a lot of time reading. A storm is coming later in the day, it’s already very windy, with lots of rain. So ideal weather to curl up with a good book, a snack and a big mug of hot chocolate milk.

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