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The past week has been a good reading week, each day I’ve read enough for me to log as a reading day. Today I haven’t read anything yet, but I’m planning to read for a while tonight. I’m not back at my old level of reading, it’s unlikely I read my average for February (2744 pages), but at least I’m back to reading again. As long as I pick books I like. When I pick a book I’m not liking very much I tend to stop reading I’ve noticed. So one of my goals will be to stop reading a book when I’m not enjoying it and not keep plodding through it.

Last week I finished the first book of the Lady Darby series, The Anatomist’s Wife, by Anna Lee Huber. I really enjoyed this book and have added the series to my series waiting list. This means I crossed off a book from my huge first-in-series list, which I hope to bring down a bit this year. Although I probably end up with a huge series waiting list.

Currently I’m reading the latest book in the Agent Pendergast series, The Crooked River, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. The last couple in this series I found at best okay. But I’m liking this book a lot more, though I’m only 60% in. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

After my current book I plan to read the second book in Desmond Doane’s The Graveyard: Classified series. In March I want to read at least one long book, probably Robert Galbraith’s Lethal White, which was released about a year and a half ago. In February all books I’ve read were part of series, to prevent me from burning out on series again I want to read some of my stand alone books in March. I won’t limit myself to those, but I’ve got quite a few stand alones on my Kobo.

I already know that in late March I won’t do much reading; on the 20th the latest Animal Crossing game is going to be released and I expect that I’ll spend a lot of time playing the game the first couple of weeks after the release. I’m also going away for a couple of days, since my vacation in January was partly spoiled due to a nasty cold. It’s the weekend after the Animal Crossing release, so while I normal read more than normal on a city trip I expect I won’t this time since I’m bringing my Nintendo Switch with me.

Although I have to wait and see if my reading slump is nearing its end the signs are positive. Though with my new hobbies and the game release I might end up reading less than over the last couple of years.

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