A Slow-ish Week

I’ve been reading Nathan Makaryk’s Nottingham for over a week now and I’m about a third in. It’s a longer book, almost 500 pages, but for me this is slow going. That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it, I am. It’s a combination of a slow read and being in the mood for doing other things. I’ve started playing Animal Crossing: Wild World again, in anticipation of the release of the new version and I’ve been doing a lot of diamond painting.

I did read almost every day in the past week, except for Saterday, but then I usually don’t read much on that day. It’s the busiest day of the week in the store and I’m usually tired and not in the mood for watching or reading things that aren’t easy to process. And Nottingham is a book that I want to give my full attention to.

Today I hope to reach the half way point of the book, I might take a break and read something quick and easy, or I might not. It really depends on what’s happening in the book.

Earlier this week there was an update for my Kobo ereader. It’s now a bit quicker and they’ve added a series tab in the library screen. When adding books with Calibre it also adds metadata when it’s part of a series. You could already see this listed underneath the title of the book in the library. Now it automatically adds it to the series tab and makes categories for each series. I’m normally in the habit of putting only the next book of a series on my reader. Mostly because I didn’t want to bother making collections for all my series, I did in the past, but it ended up cluttering my collections tab. I might now add all unread books of my active series and add the next to read of each series to the Series collection to keep track of which books I need read. I’m weird and I like to read a book of each active series before starting on the next round. I’ve found that that way I don’t burn out on some series and forget to read others.

In February I did quite well with reading. I’ve read only 350 pages less than during an average February. So that’s not bad. In February I’ve been mostly reading series, this month I want to shift focus a bit and read more stand alone books and first in series.

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