Getting Back On Track

Well, not really. Maybe a bit. But after weeks of social distancing and feeling anxious I find that in the past week I start to find my feet again in this strange world. I’m less anxious, though I’m still worried. I start to get into some sort of daily rhythm. It helps that “the numbers” (of people testing positive, going to hospital, ending up in ICU or dying) have been going down. There’s talk of slowly starting to think of getting the economy going again, in the near future. Though our prime minister already warned that we’ll have a “1.5 meter economy” for a while. I expect until there’s either a vaccine and most people have been vaccinated or when they find a very good drug (combination) that helps against the virus. But the acknowledgement that things won’t be getting back to normal any time soon has, strangely, helped me calm down a bit.

Because my mind has been calmer I seem to be able to read more. Or it was just to books that I chose. In the past week I read the second book in the Lady Darby series, Mortal Arts, by Anna Lee Huber. I’m really enjoying the series and the character development. Then I read Amy Cross’ latest book Mary, which was a quick read, but also good. I’m now reading the last in The Graveyard: Classified Files trilogy, The Belly of the Beast, by Desmond Doane. I’m halfway through and it’s a good read, also. Picking books you really enjoy makes reading go so much faster.

I noticed that of the eight active series I have going on there are four which only have one book left to read until I either finish the series or when I’m up to date with it. I’ve decided to focus on those first. That way I can get to some new series. It isn’t a hard decision. Lately I’ve been enjoy books in the horror, paranormal and fantasy genres, and all four books fall in these categories. But, I probably won’t be reading them back to back. I’ve been thinking about reading another The Cat Who book. I’m sad I’m getting to the end of the series, just nine books left.

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