Reading Slump Gone?

So far this month I have been reading about 100 pages a day (some days less, other days more). Does this mean my reading slump is going? During an average May I read almost 4000 pages and I know I’m not going to make that, but I’ll be really happy if I manage to read about 3000 pages this month. Since August last year I only read more than 3000 pages in one month once, in September, when I went on a reading retreat.

I don’t think I’m going to go on a reading retreat for a while with Covid-19. I also think that it’s unlikely I’ll be house sitting for friends this summer, which is always a time I read more than normal. But I do work less hours at the moment and I go to my sister for the weekend every two or three weeks, both offer me more reading time than normal.

Today I’m starting the latest or maybe last book in the Shadow Police series by Paul Cornell. That’s the last book of my mini challenge of finishing four series. After that I’m going to focus on catching up on some older series. Quite a few books have been released in my favourite series lately. And I still need to read the latest Cormoran Strike book that was released over a year and a half ago. The list is about eight or nine books long, I think that should keep me busy for about three months. Until September at least three more book for that list are going to be released, so it might take me longer. My main aim is to finish the Cormoran Strike book before the next one is released mid September.

I’m not going to exclusively read those catch up books. Chances are I would burn out on them, since many of them are crime or mystery books. I’m going to keep reading books I’m in the mood for. Luckily I’m hardly ever in the mood for a specific series, usually I’m in the mood for a genre. And, at least at the moment, I’m enjoying crime and mystery. I just need to mix them up well so I won’t pick books of a specific combination of genres right after one another (like historic mystery, crime fantasy, crime thriller, etc). I’ll mix other books in to keep me going.

While my reading is going well, my watching isn’t. I find it hard to pick something that’ll interest me. It doesn’t help that I’m playing Animal Crossing when watching TV at night, so anything that isn’t English or Dutch (but I don’t watch Dutch series) is out. My other hobbies, besides reading and Animal Crossing also have been neglected. Oh well, as long as I’m having fun.

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