When Life Interferes

I was having a really good reading week, reading about 100 pages a day, until about last Sunday. Then life happens and this week turned out to be a bust.

For almost seven years a Family Thing was going on. We knew we were nearing the end, but up until Tuesday mid-afternoon we were gearing up for one more battle in court. But then the other party signed the agreement and by Thursday noon everything was arranged and contracts were signed and it was over.

Next Saturday is the seven year anniversary of the fire next door to us, which is when this all started. At the start of the week I didn’t read much because I was mentally preparing for, yet other, delay. After Tuesday I was just processing the fact that it was all over.

So I set myself down yesterday to finish the latest/last book in Paul Cornell’s Shadow Police series. Which was my least favourite of the three released so far.

Today I started Tamara Thorne’s The Forgotten but didn’t get much further than a page and a half, since it was busy in the store today. But the start surely made an impression! I don’t think I’ll read tonight; I’m tired. Not just because it was nice and busy, but with the Corona measures you need four pairs of eyes it seems to see if there aren’t too many customers in the store, that they keep enough distance between each other, they don’t park their bikes in front of the window, if they’re waiting outside that they keep 5 foot from the door, etc.

To be honest I don’t think I’ll get much reading done until Tuesday. Tomorrow I want to get creative. Tomorrow night I’m going to stay the night at my sister’s place and we’ve planned a nice long session of playing Animal Crossing that day. I might get some reading done when our Switch’s are charging. I won’t be back until after dinner on Monday. But I’m probably free on Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s going to be warm so I have planned to divide my afternoons between reading and creative things.

Finishing the last book in the Shadow Police series means that I’ve finished my mini goal of finishing four series on my active list. I’ve only got five series on it, which is low for me. My next aim is to get up to date with newish releases, at least those that are parts of series. It’ll take a while, but it’s a nice mixture of genres and setting so I should be able to get it done without burning out. Especially if I mix in some other reads.

For the first time in months I’m looking forward to reading new books. It’s just difficult to choose which one to pick next.

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