In the past week I finished two book. First the latest Sigma Force book, The Last Odyssey, by James Rollins. I loved it, like most of the books in the series. I enjoy the adventure thriller genre. I used to read the Cotton Malone series, but after a half a dozen or so I realized that each book followed the same format and it got kinda boring for me. Sigma Force stays fresh. Probably because it’s about a group of people and each book focuses on a different person or people. Also the characters evolve in a natural way.

I also read the latest in The Bayou Hauntings series, Die Again, by Bill Thompson. A series I discovered last year and I’m really enjoying it. Most of the books are set in a moral rural area. This one is set slap bang in the middle of New Orleans, and starts during the Mardi Gras festival. Another good story.

I’ve now started my second non fiction book of the year, Chase Darkness With Me by Billy Jensen. I’ve been listening to his and Paul Holes’ podcast Murder Squad since the beginning and got the book as soon as it was available. But I know from experience that I need to be in the mood for a non-fiction book. It’s also usually slow reading for me, which doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.

Up next will probably be the latest in the Sebastian St. Cyr series. At the moment I’m trying to mix up the types and genres of books that I read. Not only will it, hopefully, prevent it from burning out on a genre, but it will also help in picking books I’ve had on my to be read list for a long while.

It’s also time to start trying out some new series. I have five on my current series list. One of those has only one book left in the series and another only two books. The others are all mystery or crime books (two are historical mysteries and one is a contemporary crime series). I want to try to keep it mixed. I’m thinking of starting the Chronicles of the Fallers duology by Peter F. Hamilton, a sci-fi series set in the same universe as two series I read previously. His books are usually long, over 1000 pages long. I also have to see which fantasy series I have on my list to try out.

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