New hobbies

It’s been a hot week. Three days of temperatures around 30C and another couple of days of around 25C. I didn’t have the energy to do much on the hot days, except reading and playing Animal Crossing. I also ordered my first cross stitch kit.

This week I finished the latest Sebastian St. Cyr book, Who Speaks for the Damned, by C.S. Harris. Which was very good. Most series tend to go downhill after a while, but this is the 15th book in the series and it’s still going strong.

I also went on a bit of horror spree. I bought a whole bunch of books, most of which by authors I haven’t read before. The first book of this batch I read was The Anomaly by Michael Rutger, the first book in The Anomaly Files series (two books so far). It reminded me a lot of stand alone books by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. It was an adventure thriller with a some creatures thrown in. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rutger was also inspires by Josh Gates’ tv series Destination Unknown. I’ll get the second book soon, I’m already looking forward to it.

So, another hobby, possibly. Cross stitching. A lot of diamond painters start out with cross stitching, with me it might be the other way around. I got a kit with everything I need in it, except for the ring (though you can do the project without one). It of a stylized succulent plant. Lots of colour blocking, so fairly easy. The only problem was the needle was missing. So I got a packet yesterday and last night started. I’m liking it so far, it’s very much like diamond painting, though on a smaller scale. Which means I can do it more easily in bed when watching TV at night. I watched two horror films last night and I was able to follow them whilst cross stitching. In the same style they also sell two other succulent designs and three flower designs. If I like cross stitching I might order two or three other kits, so I can put them up together.

On Etsy I already saw lots of fun kits and downloadable patterns. I’m not interested in the traditional designs, they are too old fashioned for me. But there are lots of fun kits and patterns available that are to my taste. But I’ll start simple to get the hang of it.

I still need to fit it in with all my other hobbies and try not to neglect my reading. I’m about to start the latest in the Guido Brunetti series and I’m really looking forward to visiting Venice again.

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