It’s been a while, again

It’s been over a month since I last posted. To be honest, not much has changed. I’m plodding on with my books. Books I really like I read quickly, other books go a lot slower. Which is okay, I’ve decided just to go with the flow for now, I expect at least until the worse of the pandemic is over, possibly longer.

Today I started house sitting for friends. I do this every summer, they usually go to Spain. But with everything going on they moved their booking to next year. For this year they chose to go to Belgium for two weeks. They can more easily and quickly get home when needed. This year I”m not only looking after dog Keira, but also one year old cat Pien. Pien is even less of a lap cat than my own Luna and Maru. But she seems to be okay with me so far. I’m secretly hoping to get more reading done than normal.

Later this week we’re in for some hot weather, a couple of days it will be over 30C, so much more than sit as still as possible and read I will have a hard time dealing with. I did bring a sketchbook and some sketching supplies. I didn’t bring my cross stitching work in progress, though if I want to I can bring it with, I’ll be going home four days a week for work. But I like the idea of a bit of a break.

Currently, I’m reading the latest book by Jeremy Bates, The Man from Taured, third book of the World’s Scariest Legends series. It’s okay so far. I started this morning and I’m almost halfway already. So I hope to finish it tomorrow, since I have the day off work I’ll have time enough to read. I’m not sure what I want to read next, possibly a stand alone book. I am doing well with reading (not so) recent releases from series I like.

I still need to find a synopsis of The Dresden series so far. It’s been so long since I’ve read that series that I only have a vague idea. Last month the latest book was released and later this year the next one will be available. I want to read the latest release soon, I don’t want to fall behind too much.

The book that stands out for me in July is Karin Slaughter’s latest book in the Will Trent series, The Silent Wife. I love how the characters keep evolving and how realistic their relationships and behaviour is. I’m sad I now have to wait for the next book in the series. But I saw that there a several stand alone books by Slaughter I haven’t read yet, hopefully they will fill the gap a bit.

I hope to get back into writing more regularly again. I didn’t because I’ve been a bit down with the worsening pandemic. It’s slowly getting worse again in the Netherlands. During the last couple of weeks cases are on the rise and now it seems hospital and ICU cases are also starting to rise. I’ve been doom scrolling way too much and now that I’m on my own and my friends’ place I need to keep an eye on that I don’t get down too much.

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