Messing About

I’ve been planning on posting for about a week now. But I first wanted to update my reading list. When I did that I found that in the editor a numbered list was indented more than a bullet list or regular text. I struggled with rectifying that, because it looks silly. This morning I spend some time on it, again, and eventually gave up. Added the latest books to the reading list and checked out how it looked on the actual blog. And there it looks fine. Why it’s got the extra indent in the editor is a mystery to me, what would the function of that be?

September reading is okay-ish. I did, finally, finish listening to the audio book of Stephen King’s It. So that’s over 1100 pages added to the total, which is nice. I started listening to book in J.M. Dalgliesh’s Dark Yorkshire series. Although it’s about the standard police-detective-with-a-problem (going through a divorce, borderline alcoholic, casual drug user) it’s a good story.

Me not reading a lot isn’t fully because I’m not in the mood to read, life was happening and it were a couple of busy weeks. Things are starting to quiet down, so I get more time to read and do other hobbies. I also need to remember that listening to a book is also reading, so I’ve read more than I actually think I’ve read.

Then there is the whole J.K. Rowling transgender upset. I definitely don’t agree with her. I still needed to read the two latest in her Cormoran Strike books. The fourth book I’ve got almost two year ago and the fifth one was recently released. But for now I’ve decided to shelve those. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by the actions of the author, but I always found that difficult. Also, I was delaying reading the Strike book long before the whole upset, this just adds to it. And there are many other good books to read. Maybe if I’m in the mood some day I might pick up the series again. For now I just let it rest.

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