A new year, a new start

Let’s just say the last three months have been chaotic. Life happened and I didn’t have much time or energy to read. Only in the last couple of weeks I’ve had more time. This was mainly due to the fact that the government required all non-essential shops to close on the 15th of December. They announced this the day before. Our store isn’t essential. I had seen it coming and in my opinion it should have happened earlier. My father and I planned to go downstairs to the store four mornings a week and tidy up. These past two holiday weeks that didn’t happen, but I expect from next week we going back to that schedule. On January 12 there will be a new press conference and the prime minister will announce whether stores will be allowed to reopen. I expect not. The number of Covid cases, hospital and ICU admittances are too high for that.

The forced closure did reduce my stress levels. Yes, December is the busiest time of the year, so that sucks. But no more worry about getting infected by customers, no more discussions about face masks, number of people we allow in the store and customers not parking their bicycle in front of the store window (because of the waiting line).

Normally in December I have less time to read, since I work more. But this year I had more time to myself. We recently got a home trainer. Instead of four times a week I now cycle on it (almost) every day. These past two weeks were busy with the preparation of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. I had to do most preparations this year. But I did find some time to start reading again, and hopefully now those days are over I have even more time. I’m also finding time to diamond paint again, I haven’t done that for months.

The first book I finished this year was The Good House by Tananarive Due. A good book, though in the first half I did get annoyed by the foreboding. Regularly a chapter ended with words similar to “little did she know that …”. I hate it when authors do that, when the story is good enough you don’t need that to keep reading. I shouldn’t have picked such a long book (almost 600 pages). I’m not ready for that year, but I did finish it in just under two weeks. Although I’m itching to read the two new Dresden Files books and start a new Peter F. Hamilton series, I think it’s better to stick to shorter reads for now. Otherwise I might get discouraged again.

My goals for this year is to read 24 book, keep my reading lists up to date and have fun again. Hopefully I can adjust goal of how many books I want to read. But I thought it better to start easy and not pressure myself too much.

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