A good month

Well, a relatively good month. Compared to previous years it isn’t good, but compared to the past months it’s good. So far I’ve finished four books, and over 1600 pages. I’m about to start with Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone Trilogy, which starts with two short stories. Which I should be able to finish before midnight on Sunday. It will bring down my average pages per book, but it’ll be nice to add two more book to this month.

I’ve enjoyed all the book I’ve read so far, especially Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s second book in the Nora Kelly series, The Scorpion’s Tail. I feel that their Agent Pendergast series is burned out at the moment, the stories are merely okay and they don’t add anything to the overall story. The Nora Kelly series is a nice spin-off.

I’m still struggling somewhat with getting into a rhythm with reading. Often reading little during the week and reading a lot during weekends. My plan to read for 15 to 30 minutes before bed hasn’t worked out so far. But the last couple of days I’ve been good with reading every day, which might be because I’ve enjoyed the book so much, but I”m hoping to keep it up.

I’m curious for the Shadow and Bone Trilogy. I saw some stills of the Netflix series based on the book yesterday, which reminded me I was interested in the series. It has three main books and four short stories, starting with two of those short stories. I’m usually not into short stories in series, but I’ll read them and won’t judge the story based on those. But I feel I have to read them to get the full story.

So far I’m continuing with reading books that catch my interest/mood. I feel that planning ahead which books to read won’t work for me at the moment and will put me off reading again.

I do still have enough time to read, the store is still closed due to the lockdown. Initially it was set to last until the 19th, but it was extended with another two weeks. And I expect that after that it’ll be extended again. Next week is another press conference. But the government announced last night the “route out of the lockdown”, which is that primary schools will open first, then the secondary schools, then retail businesses, followed by contact businesses (like hairdressers and nail salons). Last week it was already hinted that retail shouldn’t count on reopening before the end of February or even early March. We still go downstairs several mornings a week to tidy up and do things we have planned on doing but never had time enough to do. For now we still have enough to do. And it gives me more time to do things I want to do. Since I couldn’t go on my annual Reading Retreat this month, that isn’t too bad.

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