Stuck in a rut

It’s almost mid February already. As many has remarked on, it seems that during this pandemic time goes by both very quick and very slow at the same time.

Reading wise I’m doing okay, I’ve finished eight books so far, though two of them were short stories. So far I’ve finished two books this month, and for the number of pages that is slow. Not compared to the past months (then I’m on track) or before my reading slump (then I’m slow), but compared to my enthusiasm in reading. I’m really enjoying reading again, I really liked all the books I’ve read so far this year. Yet, it’s slow going. I seem to have become stuck in a pattern of binge reading for a couple of days, usually the weekend. Then, when I’ve almost finished the book usually, I stop reading for several days, until I make myself finish the book. The I delay starting a new book for a couple of days.

I’m really annoyed by this. And my intention of reading 15 to 30 minutes each night before I go to sleep only happened twice. I need to put more of an effort into this.

I’m still reading books and genres that catch my fancy. I feel that planning my reading will just put me off. So for over a year now I haven’t gotten on much with my active series lists. And really, I don’t care. I do find it a shame that at the moment I feel I don’t have the focus to read long (500+ pages) books at the moment. Which means that I have several semi-recently released Stephen King novels on my TBR pile and although I really want to start the next series set in the Commonwealth universe, by Peter F. Hamilton, I’ve been putting it off.

In better news we are allowed to open our store again yesterday. Not fully open it, but via “click & collect”, or in our case “call & collect”, since we don’t have a website. Customers can call in an order, we pick it while they’re on the phone and then arrange a time for them to pick it up. There has to be at least four hours between putting in a order and the customer being able to pick it up. This is to prevent fun shopping. We offered customers the option to phone in their orders starting on Tuesday.

We decided to start with time slots of 15 minutes, mainly because that’s the minimum automatic time slot on Google Calendar. We tell the customers they have a 10 minute time slot, so there’s a bit of time between customers and it will prevent a line from forming. It hasn’t worked out that way, some customers show up fifteen minutes early, whilst others arrive later in their time slot.

We’ve set up a table, with a doorbell button inside our entryway between the outside door (which is open) and the shop door. We have a table behind the shop window, next to the door, where we have the cash register and the bags containing the orders. Yesterday we had an okay amount of customers, today was a lot quieter and tomorrow we also haven’t gotten a lot of orders. The weather isn’t helping, it’s been really cold. On the other hand, that isn’t too bad, we have time to adjust to the new situation and work out any kinks that arise.

Hopefully next week, when the weather is warmer, and everyone has some time to get their heads around the new situation, will be busier. It does mean that I haven’t got the Saturday off anymore, and my only real day off is Sunday, since I do most of the household chores on Monday. I’m going to miss that, but I’d rather be working that hanging around. Both my father and I found it harder and harder to motivate ourselves to go downstairs four mornings a week to tidy up and do various chores we never had time for. I do need to get used to going downstairs before the store opens at 10am now. But it’s really nice to see our customers again and have short chats with them.

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