Third time lucky?

I haven’t posted in a while, that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried. A couple of weeks ago, and again last night, I wrote a post on my tablet using the WordPress app. And it didn’t want to post. The first time I lost my post. Last night’s post’s still in the app, but I can’t copy the text so I can post it from my computer. The app worked in the past. I haven’t got a clue why it doesn’t work at the moment.

I’m still reading. There’s usually one day a week I read little or even nothing at all. Usually that’s a Tuesday, after reading a lot on my Sunday and Monday weekend. I also slowed down, unless I really love a book. I’ve decided that’s okay and I expect this is my new reading pace.

This year I’ve been picking safe books to read. Books I know pretty sure I will like. So far I’ve done well, only a couple of duds. But I wanted to shake things up a bit. However, I know making a (short) reading list won’t work for me. It feels too much like prescribed reading and that demotivates me.

So I’ve come up with something else: the software I use for cataloguing my ebooks is called Calibre (try it, it’s free!), you can choose which buttons are visible on the tool bar and one option is “pick a random book”. So I made a virtual library with only my unread books in it and I let Calibre choose my read in July. There are a couple of rules I’ve decided upon:

  • I get three passes; if Calibre selects a book I really don’t want to read I can skip a book three times. There are some exceptions:
    • Books I didn’t finish in the past (I don’t mark those as read) and don’t want to read again.
    • Books in series I know I want to read but I’m waiting until I’ve finished another series before starting a new series.
  • If Calibre picks a book that’s part of a series I’m in the process of reading I will read the first unread book in the series, regardless of which book is chosen. I don’t like to read series out of order.
  • If Calibre chooses a book part of a series I want to try out and I have more than one book part of that series I will read the first book, regardless of Calibre picking the first book or not.

I’m currently reading the first book chosen by Calibre. It did take three tries: first it picked a book I did not finish because it was racist and sexist, then it chose a book part of a series I’ve got on my waiting list. The third choice was Mo Hayder’s The Treatment, the second book in the Jack Caffery series. I read the first book years ago. I liked it enough to get the other books in the series. But I never continued reading the series, I haven’t got a clue why. I’m now 37% in and although it’s very grim it’s a good read.

If I enjoy this random reading I might use it occasionally in the future. Although I don’t think I’ll by using the virtual library I made for all my unread books. But the libraries I made for all the unread stand alone books and the one made for all the unread first in series books. Of those two types of books I want to read more, but I always find it difficult to pick a book.

For now I just keep enjoying my reads, no matter what way of choosing my next book.

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