New Kindle Paperwhites

A couple of weeks Amazon announced two new Kindle Paperwhite were going to be released. First is the regular one, the screen has been enlarged from a 6 inch screen to a 6,8 inch screen. It has 17 LEDs, including warm LEDs so you can adjust the colour temperature of the lighting to your liking. It had 8gb of storage space, which holds a lot of (regular) books.

The second Paperwhite is the Signature edition, it’s screen is also 6,8 inches, you can also adjust the colour temperature. It comes with 32gb of storage space and there’s a sensor to adjust the lighting depending on the lighting of the room you’re in. With the Kobo I had this meant it lowered the brightness in darker rooms and the later it got in the evening/night the warmer the colour temperature of the screen. It also has wireless charging.

Both are waterproof, like the previous Kindle Paperwhite. The have no raised bezel (aka a crumb catcher) and the battery lasts weeks (when reading an average of half an hour a day). Hopefully it also charges a quick as the current Paperwhite. But now have a USB C port, instead of the older micro USB of previous Kindles.

The Paperwhite Signature edition is almost 190 euros is available from November 11 (according to the German Amazon, not date is listed on the Dutch Amazon website). The regular Paperwhite is almost 150 euros and should be available before the Signature edition.

I’m definitely getting the Signature edition. I’m missing the warm lighting and the auto adjustment setting for the lighting I had on my Kobo. I’m hoping the bigger screen doesn’t make it heavier to hold. I personally don’t really care about wireless charging, Besides a wireless charger there are also new cases available. For the Paperwhite Signature edition there are two cases available made of cork; a light one and a dark cork one. I’m thinking of getting the dark cork one, though I don’t know how easy it will be to keep clean. But the other cases are made out of cloth, so I’m sure those are difficult to keep clean.

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