Reading slump

I haven’t posted much, that’s because I haven’t been reading much. I mostly read on Sunday nowadays and maybe a couple of pages during the week. It isn’t that I’m picking the wrong books, I’m just reading less and doing other things instead. Recently I’ve rediscovered The Sims 4 and I have been playing that a lot.

I started my first reading challenge in 2011, and until 2019 I read more than 100 books a year. I think I would have slowed down before that if it wasn’t from a Family Thing that started mid 2013 and wasn’t resolved until mid 2020. However, by September 2019 we won a court battle and were fairly sure the other party wouldn’t be able to continue in court because of high costs of starting the proceedings and because that party would have to hire an expensive, specialized attorney. From that time my reading started slowing down. I did manage to read several books during my two week vacation in September. But not nearly as many as I did before on vacations.

On the one hand I don’t mind, it’s natural my interest change and I don’t need the escape at this point of my life. I might start reading more at some point in the future, or not. On the other hand it annoys me because the number of books I want to read is growing by the week and I feel I can’t keep up anymore. That’s because I’ve discovered so many authors and series I love during those 10 years of reading challenges and it’s so easy to keep informed about new releases. In the past I often didn’t know an author had a new book until I came across it in the bookstore or when came across it somewhere random on the internet. I didn’t subscribe to authors’ mailing lists or had accounts on websites such as GoodReads or Fantastic Fiction.

I’m trying to read more during the week. I keep intending to read 15 to 30 before going to sleep, like I used to. But reading is replaced by listening to podcasts (current favourite is Lore) and I keep forgetting to read. I could make an activity tracker to remind myself to read, but then it becomes a chore instead of something enjoyable. I’ll just see how it goes, I might try a proper new start in the new year. I’ve got my Reading Retreat planned for early February instead of my normal mid January vacation (I wanted to book a specific cottage, which was fully booked in January). My plan for my reading challenge in 2022 will be an easy one. Maybe read two books a month. I’ll see what the situation is reading-wise in late December and decide then what the challenge will be. If any.

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