Reading Challenge 2016


  • Have fun.
  • Keep track of what I read.
  • Read 40000 pages.
  • Pick a theme for each month (see list and full rules below).


  • Books read: 119
  • Pages read: 41904
  • Themes finished: 13
  • Books abandoned: 2

Ongoing series

  • Guido Brunetti (12/25)
  • Lincoln Rhyme (7/13)
  • Body Farm (10/11)
  • Shetland (1/4)
  • The Morganville Vampires (4/27)
  • Department Q (5/6)
  • The River (4/11)
  • Cormoran Strike (2/3)

Series finished/abandoned/back burner/up to date

  • World’s Scariest Places (up to date)
  • Merrily Watkins (up to date)
  • Sigma Force (up to date)
  • Blackwater Saga (abandoned)
  • Rizzoli & Isles (up to date)
  • Simon Serrailler (finished)
  • Sebastian St. Cyr (up to date)
  • Ruth Galloway (up to date)
  • Pilgrim (up to date)
  • Mary Russell (up to date)
  • Nell West & Michael Flint (up to date)
  • The Boylan House Trilogy (finished)
  • The Ravencrest Saga (up to date)
  • Odd Thomas (finished)
  • Outlander (back burner)
  • The Graveyard: Classified (up to date)
  • The Cabin (finished)
  • The Great Library (up to date)
  • Mary Russell (up to date)
  • The Descent (finished)
  • Will Trent (up to date)

Theme challenge rules & list

  • Choose a theme and read at least four books relating to that theme in a month (unless otherwise stated in the list).
  • It is allowed to choose more than one theme and have overlap (e.g. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is both Scandinavian and a thriller), but the theme has to be read within one month.
  • Books of 800 pages or more count as two books for the challenge, book of 1200 pages or more count as three books.
  • If I think of a new theme I can add it to the list.
  1. Series (full month)
  2. Stand alone (full month)
  3. Horror/ghosts/paranormal
  4. Thriller
  5. Crime
  6. Cozy
  7. Long on TBR list
  8. New best sellers
  9. New to me authors
  10. Old time favourites
  11. TV/film
  12. Classic
  13. Historical
  14. Non-fiction
  15. Mystery
  16. Young adult
  17. British
  18. Scandinavian (incl. Iceland)
  19. Far East
  20. Australia
  21. Wishlist
  22. Calibre (full month)

Book list

  1.  Friends of the Dusk by Phil Rickman*
  2.  Helltown by Jeremy Bates*
  3.  The Lake House by Kate Morton
  4.  Asylum Lake by R.A. Evans*
  5.  The Flood by Michael McDowell*
  6.  The Keeper of Lost Causes by Jussi Adler-Olsen
  7.  The Levee by Michael McDowell*
  8.  The Keep by Jennifer Egan
  9.  The Twelfth Card by Jeffery Deaver
  10.  The Influence by Bentley Little*
  11.  The Cat Who Said Cheese by Lilian Jackson Braun
  12.  The Lie Tree by Francis Hardinge
  13.  The Midnight Watch by James Rollins*
  14.  The Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins*
  15.  The Soul of Discretion by Susan Hill *
  16.  The Absent One by Jussi Adler-Olson*
  17.  Die Again by Tess Gerritsen*
  18.  The Almshouse by Blanche King*
  19.  The Inquisitor’s Key by Jefferson Bass*
  20.  Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood*
  21.  The Bank of the River by Michael Richan*
  22.  The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris*
  23.  A Circumstance of Blood by Jeanette Batz Cooperman
  24.  The Pelican Brief by John Grisham*
  25.  Sub Basement by Darcy Coates
  26.  The Black Ice by Michael Connelly*
  27.  Residual by Michael Richan
  28.  Gin and Daggers by Jessica Fletcher*
  29. The Splendour Falls by Sussana Kearsley*
  30.  Broadmaw Bay by F.G. Cottam
  31.  Empty Mansions by Bill Dedman
  32.  Fearful Symmetry by Michael McBride
  33.  A Haunting in Oregon by Michael Richan
  34.  The Witch’s Daughter by Paula Brackston*
  35.  When Falcons Fall by C.S. Harris*
  36.  The Woman in Blue by Ellie Griffiths*
  37.  The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield*
  38.  The Widow by Fiona Barton
  39.  Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz
  40.  A Conspiracy of Faith by Jussi Adler-Olsen
  41.  In the Blood by Steve Robinson*
  42.  The House Where Evil Lurks by Brandon Callahan
  43.  The Ice Limit by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child*
  44.  The Cold Moon by Jeffery Deaver*
  45.  The Crypt by Darcy Coates
  46.  I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes*
  47.  The Lost Girls of Rome by Donato Carrisi*
  48.  A Dark Dividing by Sarah Rayne
  49.  The Marriage of Mary Russell by Laurie R. King
  50. The Murder of Mary Russell by Laurie R. King
  51.  Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz
  52.  The Mammoth Book of Killers at Large by Nigel Cawthorne
  53.  Ghost of Our Fathers by Michael Richan
  54.  The House at Midnight by Lucie Whitehouse
  55.  Haunted by Tamara Thorne
  56.  The Bell Tower by Sarah Rayne
  57.  The Purity of Vengeance by Jussi Adler-Olsen
  58.  The Genesis Secret by Tom Knox*
  59.  Witch Island by David Bernstein*
  60.  You Are Destined to Be Together Forever by Dean Koontz
  61.  The Cuckoo Calling by Robert Galbraith
  62.  The Boylan House Trilogy by Ron Ripley*
  63.  The Ghosts of Ravencrest by Tamara Thorne & Alistair Cross*
  64.  The Haunting of Blackwood House by Darcy Coates*
  65.  The Dark Man by Desmond Doane
  66.  Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie
  67.  Saint Odd by Dean Koontz
  68.  It by Stephen King*
  69.  The Cat Who Tailed a Thief by Lilian Jackson Braun*
  70.  The Body Reader by Anne Frasier*
  71.  Fiercombe Manor by Kate Riordan*
  72.  Gideon’s Sword by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child*
  73.  Sacred Treason by James Forrester*
  74.  The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams*
  75.  Moonfall by Tamara Thorne*
  76.  Jordan’s Stormy Bank by Jefferson Bass*
  77.  Cut to the Bone by Jefferson Bass*
  78.  The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury
  79.  Belgravia by Julian Fellowes*
  80.  Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley*
  81.  Transmission by Ambrose Ibsen
  82.  The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith*
  83.  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling*
  84.  The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware*
  85.  The Cabin by Amy Cross
  86.  After the Cabin by Amy Cross
  87.  The Marco Effect by Jussi Adler-Olsen
  88.  The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley
  89.  The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz
  90.  Gideon’s Corpse by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
  91.  The White Night by Desmond Doane
  92. Paper and Fire by Rachel Caine
  93.  The Wicked Girls by Alex Marwood*
  94.  HEX by Thomas Olde Heuvelt*
  95.  The Haunting of Ashburne House by Darcy Coates*
  96.  Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben*
  97.  Charnel House by Graham Masterton*
  98. Someone in the House by Barbara Michaels*
  99.  The Sunbird by Wilbur Smith (DNF)
  100.  Dead Lake by Darcy Coates*
  101.  The Romanov Conspiracy by Glenn Meade*
  102.  Hanging Hill by Mo Hayder (DNF)
  103.  Thunderhead by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child*
  104.  Mistral Bed & Breakfast by Darcy Coates*
  105.  The Calling by Inger Ash Wolfe*
  106.  The American Heiress by Jeffrey Toobin*
  107.  The Blood House by Amy Cross
  108.  No Wind No Blame by Georgette Heyer*
  109.  The Obsession by Nora Roberts*
  110.  A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson*
  111.  Mary Russell’s War by Laurie R. King*
  112.  The Haunting of Blackwych Grange by Amy Cross
  113.  The Codex by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  114.  Deeper by Jeff Long
  115.  Wylding Hall by Elizabeth Hand
  116.  The Cabin by Matt Shaw
  117.  The Kept Woman by Karin Slaughter
  118.  Uniformed Justice by Donna Leon
  119.  Pandora’s Star by Peter F. Hamilton