Reading Challenge 2017


  • Have fun!
  • Get back to reading series I haven’t finished.


  • Books read: 104
  • Pages read: 40067
  • Books abandoned: 1
  • New authors: 26
  • Rereads: 7

Active series

  • Guido Brunetti (15/26)
  • Lincoln Rhyme (9/15)
  • Nic Costa (4/9)
  • Chief Inspector Armand Gamache (2/14)
  • The Old Kingdom/Abhorsen (1/7)

Series finished/up to date/abandoned

  • Department Q
  • Merrily Watkins
  • Agent Pendergast
  • Gideon Crew
  • Sigma Force
  • Comoran Strike
  • The Body Farm
  • Jo Mason
  • Bill Hodges Trilogy
  • Department 18
  • The Commonwealth Saga
  • Sebastian St. Cyr
  • Ruth Galloway
  • The Others
  • Jeremy Logan
  • Season of Horror
  • PC Peter Grant

Book list

  1.  The Hanging Girl by Jussi Adler-Olsen
  2.  The Body at Auercliff by Amy Cross
  3.  The Lost Island by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  4.  Eximere by Michael Richan
  5.  Crash and Burn by James Rollins
  6.  Black Cathedral by L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims
  7.  All of a Winter’s Night by Phil Rickman
  8. Dark Isle by David Longhorn
  9.  Wytches by Scott Snyder
  10.  The Bride of Ashbyrn House by Amy Cross
  11.  Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch
  12.  The Obsidian Chamber by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  13.  Conlave by Robert Harris
  14.  Finders Keepers by Stephen King
  15.  Beyond the Ice Limit by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  16.  The Folcroft Ghosts by Darcy Coates
  17.  The Breaking Point by Jefferson Bass
  18.  The Seventh Plague by James Rollins
  19.   Hangman Blind by Cassandra Clark
  20.  Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith
  21.  Without Mercy by Jefferson Bass
  22.  The Murder at Skellin Cottage by Amy Cross
  23.  End of Watch by Stephen King
  24.  The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea
  25.  The Winter Over by Matthew Iden
  26.  Night Souls by L.H. Maynard & M.P.N. Sims
  27.  The Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston
  28.  The Broken Window by Jeffery Deaver
  29.  The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson
  30.  Ghosts of Idlewood by M.L. Bullock
  31.  The Haunting of Maddy Clare by Simone St. James
  32. Doctored Evidence by Donna Leon
  33.  The Circle by Dave Egger (DNF – did not finish)
  34.  Moon over Soho by Ben Aaronovich
  35.  The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
  36.  The Suicide Forest by Michael Richan
  37.  Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton
  38.  Deep Storm by Lincoln Child
  39.  American Gods by Neil Gaiman
  40.  Murder Wall by Mari Hannah
  41. The Curse of Wetherley House by Amy Cross
  42. Written in Red by Anne Bishop
  43.  Where the Dead Lie by C.S. Harris
  44. The Haunting of Layton Manor by Will Hawthorne
  45. Winterbay Abbey by John Bladek & Davonna Juroe
  46.  The Three by Sarah Lotz
  47.  Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
  48.  The Sacred Cut by David Hewson
  49.  Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann
  50. Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child
  51. The Return of Rachel Stone by Amy Cross
  52.  Summer of Night by Dan Simmons
  53. Day Four by Sarah Lotz
  54.  Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop
  55.  The Mist by Stephen King
  56.  The Living and the Dead in Winsford by Hakan Nesser
  57.  Blood from a Stone by Donna Leon
  58.  The Chalk Pit by Elly Griffiths
  59.  Mount Dragon by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  60.  Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch
  61.  The True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carrey
  62.  Through a Glass Darkly by Donna Leon
  63.  Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop
  64.  It by Stephen King
  65.  The Third Gate by Lincoln Child
  66.  Ghost Story by Peter Straub
  67.  The Home Crowd Advantage by Ben Aaronovitch
  68.  Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch
  69.  Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop
  70.  The Haunted Forest Tour by Jeff Strand & James A. Moore
  71.  Drood by Dan Simmons
  72.  Be Burried in the Rain by Barbara Micheals
  73.  The Burning Wire by Jeffery Deaver
  74.  Etched in the Bone by Anne Bishop
  75.  Whispering Corridors by Ambrose Ibsen
  76.  Still Life by Louise Penny
  77.  Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch
  78.  Goliath by Shawn Corridan & Gary Waid
  79.  The Forgotten Room by Lincoln Child
  80.  The Seagull by Ann Cleeves
  81.  Children of the Night by Dan Simmons
  82.  Island of the Forbidden by Hunter Shea
  83.  The Legacy by Katherine Webb
  84.  Lizard’s Bite by David Hewson
  85.  The Medici Letters: The Secret Origin of the Renaissance by Taylor Buck
  86.  Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer
  87. Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King & Owen King
  88.  Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child
  89.  A Winter Haunting by Dan Simmons
  90. Winter Moon by Dean Koontz
  91. The Ghost of Shapley Hall by Amy Cross
  92.  Remains by Michael McBride
  93.  The Scarred Woman by Jussi Adler-Olsen
  94.  A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny
  95.  Craven Manor by Darcy Coates
  96.  The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver
  97.  Wait for What Will Come by Barbara Michaels
  98.  Ghost Ship by James Rollins
  99.  A Textbook Case by Jeffery Deaver
  100. A Cliffhouse Haunting by Tamara Thorne & Alistair Cross
  101.  The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch
  102.  The Furthest Station by Ben Aaronovitch
  103.  Artemis by Andy Weir
  104.  Sabriel by Garth Nix