Reading Challenge 2019


  • Read 100 books (GoodReads Challenge)
  • Read 40000 pages
  • Finish the series that are “active” on January 1st (see below)
  • Have fun


  • Books read: 100
  • Pages read: 37298
  • Books abandoned: 0
  • New authors: 18
  • Rereads: 1

Active series:
The ones active on January 1st are marked with a *

  • Matthew Corbett (2/7)
  • Hillary Greene (2/17)
  • The Paper Magician (1/4)
  • Shades of Magic (1/3)
  • The Ulrich Files (2/3)
  • The House on Cold Hill (1/2)

Series finished/up to date/abandoned:

  • Winthrop House*
  • House of Shadows
  • Sigma Force
  • Mary Russell
  • Nic Costa*
  • The Others/The World of Others
  • The Void Trilogy*
  • Lockwood & Co.*
  • The Briarwych Trilogy
  • World’s Scariest Legends
  • Agent Pendergast
  • The Mayfair Witches*
  • Sebastian St. Cyr
  • Mortal Engines*
  • Peter Grant/Rivers of London
  • Georgia/Will Trent
  • Ruth Galloway
  • The Bayou Hauntings
  • Nora Kelly
  • Inspector Van Veeteren (moved to Occasional Reads list)
  • The Beckoning Dead
  • Time’s Convert
  • The Paranormal Archeologist
  • World’s Scariest Legends
  • Guido Brunetti*
  • Armand Gamache*

Reading list:

  1.  Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter
  2.  Winthrop House by Ambrose Ibsen
  3.  Nightmare Abbey by David Longhorn
  4. The Golden Egg by Donna Leon
  5.  Blood Ritual by Sarah Rayne
  6.  House of Shadows by Darcy Coates
  7.  House of Secrets by Darcy Coates
  8. Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero
  9.  Lasher by Anny Rice
  10.  How the Lights Get In by Louise Penny
  11.  The Splendor of Fear by Ambrose Ibsen
  12.  Crucible by James Rollins
  13.  Carnival for the Dead by David Hewson
  14.  Predator’s Gold by Philip Reeve
  15.  The Outlaw of Sherwood by Robin McKinley
  16.  Island of the Mad by Laurie R. King
  17.  The Haunting of Briarwych Church by Amy Cross
  18.  The Creeping Shadow by Johnathan Stroud
  19.  The Savage Shore by David Hewson
  20.  The Retreat by Mark Edwards
  21.  By Its Cover by Donna Leon
  22.  The Call of the Jersey Devil by Aurelio Voltair
  23.  Red Creek by Nathan Hystad
  24.  The Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware
  25.  Wild Country by Anne Bishop
  26.  The Evolutionary Void by Peter F. Hamilton
  27.  Mind’s Eye by Håkan Nesser
  28.  The Jekyll Revelation by Robert Masello
  29.  The Horror of Briarwych Church by Amy Cross
  30.  The Long Way Home by Louise Penny
  31.  Infernal Devices by Philip Reeve
  32.  Boy’s Life by Robert R. McCammon
  33.  The Empty Grave by Jonathan Stroud
  34.  The Ghost of Briarwych Church by Amy Cross
  35.  The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly
  36.  Falling in Love by Donna Leon
  37.  Mosquito Man by Jeremy Bates
  38.  Verses for the Dead by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  39.  The Demon of Mansfeld Manor by S.A. Jacobs
  40.  The Haunting of Abram Mansion by Alexandria Clarke
  41.  The Haunting of Jefferson Mansion by Carrie Bates
  42.  A Darkling Plain by Philip Reeve
  43.  The Nature of the Beast by Louise Penny
  44.  Taltos by Anne Rice
  45.  The Haunting of Ironwood by Jeff DeGordick
  46.  Who Slays the Wicked by C.S. Harris
  47.  Bellamy by Darcy Coates
  48.  Borkman’s Point by Hakan Nesser
  49.  Callie by Bill Thompson
  50.  The Cat Who Sang for the Birds by Lilian Jackson Braun
  51.  Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb
  52.  The Waters of Eternal Youth by Donna Leon
  53.  Ten by Gretchen McNeil
  54.  Speaks the Nightbird by Robert R. McCammon
  55. Kill Creek by Scott Thomas
  56.  A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny
  57.  The Forgotten Men by Bill Thompson
  58.  The Stranger Diaries by Ellie Griffiths
  59.  Night Flights by Philip Reeve
  60. The October Man by Ben Aaronovitch
  61.  The Last Widow by Karin Slaughter
  62.  Contest by Matthew Reilly
  63.  The Return by Hakan Nesser
  64.  Earthly Remains by Donna Leon
  65.  White Lies by Jeremy Bates
  66.  The Stone Circle by Ellie Griffiths
  67.  The Haunting of Pitmon House by Michael Richan
  68.  The Queen of Bedlam Robert R. McCammon
  69.  The Nursery by Bill Thompson
  70.  It by Stephen King
  71.  Glass Houses by Louise Penny
  72.  The Haunting of Penvill Prison by Carry Bates
  73.  Woman with Birthmark by Hakan Nesser
  74.  The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware
  75.  The Temptation of Forgiveness by Donna Leon
  76.  Billy Whistler by Bill Thompson
  77.  Murder at the University by Faith Martin
  78.  Old Bones by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  79.  The Paper Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg
  80.  Greygallows by Barbara Michaels
  81.  Brimstone by Tamara Thorne
  82.  The Haunting of Beacon Hill by Ambrose Ibsen
  83.  The Haunting of Gatesworld Manor by Cat Knight
  84.  Time’s Convert by Deborah Harkness
  85.  The Haunting of Roan Mountain by S.A. Jacobs
  86.  A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab
  87.  The Sleep Experiment by Jeremy Bates
  88.  Some Can See by J.R. Erickson
  89.  Kingdom of the Blind by Louise Penny
  90.  The Haunting of Lannister Hall by Amy Cross
  91.  Unto Us A Son Is Given by Donna Leon
  92.  Bloodletting by Michael McBride
  93. The Guardians by John Grisham
  94.  The Haunting of Stephen Wells by Brian L. Blank
  95. The Cat Who Saw Stars by Lilian Jackson Braun
  96.  The Sick House by Ambrose Ibsen
  97.  A Better Man by Louise Penny
  98.  The Experiments by Bill Thompson
  99.  Cari Mora by Thomas Harris
  100.  The House on Cold Hill by Peter James
  101.  Medicine for the Dead by Ambrose Ibsen