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Amazon.nl is finally here

Amazon has finally opened their Dutch webstore. Other Dutch webstores were afraid of this, the current sale many webstore have at the moment is reportedly because of Amazon being about to open their Dutch webstore. This opening turns out to be a bit of a disappointment (in my opinion) and many webstores shouldn’t be afraid, yet.

Only Bol.com should be afraid because Amazon.nl is currently only selling Kindles and ebooks. And even then Bol has the advantage of accepting payment by iDeal (a Dutch online payment method for debit cards) and Amazon.nl only accepts credit cards. A lot of Dutch people don’t have a credit card and iDeal is the standard method of online payment in the Netherlands. Hopefully giftcards will be available soon so people can use that to pay for their purchases.

A big disappoint for me personally is that there is no option to put ebooks you want on a wishlist. On Amazon.com I have a long wishlist of ebooks I find interesting.

Also, they only sell Kindles and ebooks. Not even accessories for the Kindle, such as chargers and cases can be ordered.

Because I read only (e)books in English I’ll be staying with Amazon.com for now, if it’s possible. I will be ordering a new Kindle soon (I know I said it was going to be a Paperwhite but I’m now again leaning towards getting the Voyage), but I’ll be registering it at the US website.

Amazon NL?

Earlier this year Amazon let it be known that they were hoping to open their Dutch, Belgian and Luxenbourg store before summer but it could also take until after summer. Summer came and went and in September Amazon confirmed they were in talks with Het Centraal Boekenhuis (the main Dutch book distributor) and that they were now hoping to get the store online in October. That came and went and in the mean time November also came and is almost gone now and still no Amazon store.

There must be problems, maybe with distribution, payment options (Dutch customers prefer to pay with iDeal over credit cards) or something else because the Dutch holiday season began last Saturday when Sinterklaas arrived in the Netherlands (which is celebrated by giving gifts to, mainly, children on December 5th).

I’m still hoping that the Dutch store will open soon, although it seems less and less likely it’ll be this year.