Home Again

I’ve been home from house sitting for a week and a half, though I did stay at my sister’s place during the weekend. In that time I finished three books; Darcy Coates’ Voices in the Snow (first in the Dark Winter series), Murder of the Bride by Faith Martin (#3 in the Hilary Greene series) and The Caretakers by Eliza Maxwell, a new to me author. I’ve enjoyed all of those books and added Eliza Maxwell to my list on Fantastic Fiction, so I get updates about any new releases.

I’m about to start the second and latest book in John Grisham’s Camino Island series, Camino Winds. Later in the year the third book in his Jake Brigance series, A Time for Mercy, is going to be released. I’m really looking forward to that book, the first two in the series I loved. I’m going to have to rewatch the film of A Time to Kill soon. Hopefully I can finish it before or by Monday to add it to this month’s book list.

I’m not sure what to read after the Grisham book. I’ve got a whole bunch of scary books, which aren’t necessarily horror books, I recently got. I’ve also got a bunch of (not so) recently released books and, of course, the books in my current series. But I’m just not sure what I’m in the mood for. I might just read the next book in The Cat Who… series, those are always relaxing reads, I’ve only got seven books left to read to finish the series. I’ll be sad when I do finish it, though I could always go back to the first book. Though I think it’ll be a while before I do that.

I’m still listening to Stephen King’s It, ten hours left to go. But I’ve been getting into diamond painting again, so hopefully I’ll finish it in the coming weeks. It’ll be a nice addition to my page count at over 1100 pages. I’m not sure what to listen to after that. I’ve got The Stand, which I’ve been postponing because with the current pandemic I hadn’t been in the mood for a fiction one. Also, The Stand is really long, after It I think I need to listen to something shorter. I’ve also got a set of three audio books in one. A detective series I don’t know, so I’ll probably try that.

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